sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009


O físico Robert Park, na sua coluna "What's News" fala esta semana dos fictícios perigos dos telemóveis:


Last week, Senate hearings were held asking whether cell phones cause brain cancer. Brian Walsh, writing for Time, described the outcome as "inconclusive." A collective groan rose from the nation’s physicists. "Not again?" It's been almost 17 years since David Reynard, whose wife died from brain cancer, was on Larry King Live. Reynard was suing the cell phone industry. He said his wife, "held it against her head, and talked on it all the time." That was enough for Larry King. However, all known cancer agent act by breaking chemical bonds, producing mutant strands of DNA. It would be like suing me for hitting someone with a rock thrown across the Potomac River. George Washington is said to have thrown a silver dollar across the Potomac. I can't throw that far, and microwave photons can't break chemical bonds. Not until you get up to the near ultraviolet, about 10,000 times more energetic than microwaves, are photons capable of causing cancer.

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Robert Park

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