domingo, 14 de setembro de 2014

Solidarity with science in Portugal

Uma das muitas mensagens de solidariedade recebidas pelo Prof. Pereira dos Santos em resposta ao seu apelo difundido internacionalmente:
As Chair of the Higher Education and Research Standing Committee of ETUCE, I will express my deepest concern and solidarity with the university staff who are trying to resist the dramatic cuts and restructuring, mergers etc. of universities in Portugal.

Most governments in Europe – and the European Commission – are always claiming that universities, higher education and research is vital for the future of Europe. Unfortunately, they only see education and research as an instrument to economic recovery and to enhance the competitiveness of European industry. Thus, it is mainly research which immediately can stimulate production which is considered valid and relevant. The same goes for the higher education which they claim must be reformed in order to meet the immediate needs of enterprises and the labour market. Basic research, cultural understanding and intellectual challenges as an important value of the mission of universities are not taken into account.

The trade unions and all other organisations in society who defend a peaceful and social responsible development of modern societies must reject this reduction of universities to service centres of industry and immediate needs of governments and the labour market. We must insist that the mission of a university – in particular in a modern, globalised knowledge society – must also include long term perspectives and work in areas and subjects which are not immediately profitable.

The ETUCE passed in its conference 2 years ago a resolution on higher education and research which build on such principles. It can be found on this link:

I wish you all the success in rejecting the resent trends in reforming the universities and the risk of abolishing their mission in basic research.

Please come back if there is any further support your will ask for.


Jens Vraa-Jensen 
ETUCE - European Trade Union Committee for Education

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