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Dependents of the State

Dependents of the State

welfare payments to the poor effectively operate as yet another kind of corporate subsidy, making up for the difference between the increasing cost of living and declining real wages. California taxpayers alone pay $86 million dollars annually to subsidize Walmart via state assistance to its employees and their children.

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  1. and what about the "welfare" payments to those who are "too big to fail"? it is a bit difficult not to have noticed those, they were just about two orders of magnitude higher -- on the trillion scale. and how much more was spent on the invasion of Irak? again, a few more trilions. these were mere trifles. it is obvious that the problem rests on the poor and their children, of course. if we could save the precious dollars we waste on them, maybe we could increase by ten percent our military bases around the world (only build one hundred more), and some more nuclear aircraft carriers to patrol the seas.

    blessed be the philosophers who never fail to pay tribute to the previleged, while never failing to help us to see the light.


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